R.I.P my GPX Walkman

Just earlier today I wanted to listen to my Mix tape on my Walkman. I pressed the play button and nothing happened. I took out the tape and pressed play and it didn’t do anything. I ran downstairs to the garage to look for the bin with batteries in it. I saw the bin at the top of a shelf so, I went and got a ladder and used that to stand on and get the batteries.  I got the batteries and ran back upstairs to where the tape player was. I took out the 2  batteries and put in new ones. Then I pressed play and…..

But  before I  continue my story got to say that if you love the Old school content aired on this web site the you must like other old school things like cars and motorcycles, if you do check out my good friend Isalaa’s website at vintagemotosite.wordpress.com he has some great content going on over there.

Now back to the story. So I pressed play and it worked! At least I thought it did. Only one of the pegs that turns the casset was moving. I put the tape in pressed play and nothing happed. and the tape didn’t play. but I had an back up plan, my good friend (or teacher) Mr. Owens has supplied me with a Diskman. An now I will be using that from now on. But now I am stuck with about 40 or 50 tapes well thats the story on how I figured out how my GPX 1983 tape played has died. Rest in peace!


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