Mini toys and HeMan

Aww yes remember the old min old water mini games were you had to make the balls go into the hoop. These were fun, but didn’t last that long due to the plastic breaking making the water leak or the buttons getting stuck.978bda2a59a5c0188d07db0ed58d1d17--best-stocking-stuffers-water-games.jpg


Now back to the costumes. Most of the Halloween costumes were base off the Sunday morning cartoons, like Alvin and the chipmunks, The Real Ghostbusters and The care bares. Those were all good but one of the most loved cartoons was HeMan. So of course people were him for Halloween and without any second thoughts it was kinda creepy and like all the other costumes, with the flimsy plastic mask with a tie back string and a hospital like gown as the over all costume.db9c1f54947cf6335e052d7a7d3b0290--retro-halloween-halloween-costumes.jpg

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