On the search for a Walkman

Before I kick off this blog post I would like to say Thank you to Mr. Owens for supplying me with a goldyip cassette player shown in the image below. Ever since I was six I was always interesting in 2 different things and that was Disney and 1980s stuff. So, still today I still live […]

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Music, music, music, music!

Lisen, I really love music from the 1980s and I have a playlist of all the great old songs. You can fallow the link below to hear it. The playlist in the link will always be updating. Keep in mind that some of the song you might have not even heard before. music: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=LLd_ZObb303XOm9slTlate7A  

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Stranger things!

Listen if you are a fan of this blog or just like 80s stuff, then stranger things is a great show to watch. All good 1980s films are usually scifi, which makes this so great. through out the series they play lots of songs from the 1980s, such as Whip it good or Ghostbusters. The series is […]

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