On the search for a Walkman

Before I kick off this blog post I would like to say Thank you to Mr. Owens for supplying me with a goldyip cassette player shown in the image below.


Ever since I was six I was always interesting in 2 different things and that was Disney and 1980s stuff. So, still today I still live in the hands of Disney and in love with 1980s. I remember that when I was about 7 I was hanging out in the play room with my dad. There were a lots of fun things I did in that room such as build a temporary indoor tent and watch a movie form the inside or build a really tall lego building or dance to the Bee Geese tape my dad had. That was the only tape I ever listened to. My personal favorite song being Staying Alive.

I would probably say that Staying Alive was my growing up song. I think that to the fact of it being from the 1980s and being on a tape just kinda hypnotized me into liking this kind of stuff.

Now lets hop into our Delorean turn on the flux capasitor and travel 5 years into the future where it is the summer of 2017 and were 12 year old I asks my father if he still has his walk man fro when he was a kid. And his reply was actually yeah it’s in the storage closet down stairs in the third cabinet.  The  very first thing I do is run downstairs to the storage room and open the third cabinet and the first thing I see is a classic blue sony Walkman with the headphones perched on top of it. So, the first thing is I grab it put the head set on and hit play and nothing happened. I did everything in the book to see if it worked from changing the batteries to banging it with your hand.

So, then the search was on for a WORKING Walkman.

After a month of look all over Craigslist to offer up. I know that I can just go to amazon and just buy a new one (yes they are still making them) but I wanted to have an actual working one from the 1980s.

One day I tested my luck once last time and went to a  with my uncle Kilroy (made up name to hide his identity)Thrift store just to see if they had any. So me and him split up into this giant wear house filled with row after row of things that people didn’t want anymore. Eventually Uncle Kilroy calls me on my phone and says come here I am in row 12, I found one! So, I darted down all the way to row 12 and there I find him holding a 1986 GPX sports Walkman and the price was 2 flipping dollars and guess what it was half off Wednesday so, I got it for only for 1 dollar.

And that my friends was the story of how I got/found my first ever walkman. But wait there’s more! Pretty soon I will be posting another post about how I found/created the tapes for the player.


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