Ready Player One and how I broke my knee

Billionaire James is heartfelt fan of the 1980s and is the creator of modern day virtual reality in 2027. The world is trashed and is all now on VR due to the pulution of the world. James leaves a death video from people to see for when he dies saying that if the solve several different levels on a obstacle cores he created he will leave all his fortune to who ever completes it.

Eventually he dies and the news breaks out, about the money. The world now hears that the richest guy in the world is going to give all his money to who ever completes the levels.


Before I continue summarizing this story, you may be saying this to yourself, how dose this have todo with the 1980s. So, you know the obstacle course he left? All of it is 1980s based trivia, like say all the words to Farris Buller’s Day off or name all the people in the credits of Back to the Future 3. Now you see how this relates to the topic.

So, now the world is in a big battle to complete these levels to become the next richest person in the world in 2027. Who will be the winner to receive Jame’s money, who will find all 3 keys. Find out in Ready Player One.

So here’s how I found this book. I was at my Aunt’s house and she gave me this book and said I would be interested in it. So, I start reading it and I just got sucked into this book. In my Aunt’s backyard there is a Hammock with just one tiny rip in it. I knew it was safe because just earlier my dad and little sister  were just in it. So I laid down in the hammock and read for about a good hour. After an hour it was time for me to leave so I had to get out of the hammock. As trying to get out the tiny hole ripped through the HOLE thing (pun intended). And I landed on my right knee and broke something. Do to this I was able to read the whole book in just 2 days. It was VERY good and jammed packed with 80s references. So if your the fan of the 80s I am a 110% sure you would like this book!

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