Why the 1980s?

LAST WEEKS BLOG POST: Ever since 5th grade I’ve been starting to have some depression. Now before you disagree with me and say “What Joshua you’re SO energetic and happy all the time.” Well I know what it’s like to have sad people around you, and usually it doesn’t make you happy. What I am basically saying is I like to spread good vibes because I don’t want people to feel sad and depressed as I am.
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Stay tuned for the next blog post to hear how this ties in with the 1980s.


Well guess what? It’s the next blog post.
Now most people, today ask me “Why do you like the 1980s so much?”.

Well let me explain,
My depression has todo with personal things with my family. I’ve tried several things to get my mind off it. I’ve tried sleeping, TV, playing on the computer, filming, and even counting to extremely high numbers. Sleeping wasn’t really my thing and I started staying awake up to 3 in the morning due to the over amount of sleep I had. TV,  the shows never seem to interest me. Playing on the computer, nothing really interested me there ether. Then at last I tried filming, when life is getting you down it is hard to do what you love. We’ll get back on to this subject in a moment.

Many people in the household have nicknamed me Starlord because of my mom giving me a Walkman before she “left”.
FUN FACT: The box that the Walkman came in said “The Old is the New” on the side of it.
My father told me alot about my mother and her weird obsession with the 1980s. My father even gave me a box of stuff she said she wanted me to have when I was old enough. Inside was a GPX Walkman and a bag of cassette tapes of:
Michael Jackson,
New Kids on the block,
Bee Gees,
Ricky Astley,
Tears for Fears,
Oingo Boingo ( my personal favorite ),
Tom Petty,
The Clash,
Billy Joel,
The Police,
Steve Miller Band,
The Beatles,
The Rolling Stones
KC and the Sunshine Band,
Joan jett The Blackhearts,
& UB40
Just to name a few and the list goes on. Hopefully the list of these cassette tapes could give you a idea of how big the box was. When I first opened the box I thought it was a joke of some kind. But it took me a few minutes for me to understand that my dad was serious. I remember the day I opened it and look at the walkman thinking it was a cell phone of the 1980s. It took me awhile to understand that the that the tapes were supposed to go inside of the Walkman. So, I managed to open it and put the tape in and press play. And it worked! The first song that played was “I am your”

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