The Delorean was a major fail!

Ahh yes we all know the world pop culture famous Delorean. Just like what Doc Brown said “If you’re gonna build a time machine why not do it with style!”. Doc Brown was right the sports car Delorean was nothing but style.

Image result for delorean
The car couldn’t even go fast. Most of the time when you speed it up past seventy. The engen will die or the car would just give up and breakdown.

One more thing was it was hard to get in and out of.
Here’s an example:
If you park your car in your home garage and next to the wall you wouldn’t be able to get out the door was so long that it would be impossible to get in or out of. The same problem would happen if you parked in a parking garage, do to this several windows of cars next to it would get cracked by getting hit by the door.

FUN FACT: The speedometer in a regular Delorean didn’t go up to 88 so what they did to solve the problem in the Back to the Future was to slap a sticker over the speedometer.  Not only was it said my the cast you can also see it in the film that it really is a sticker.

Image result for delorean speedometer
original car
Image result for delorean speedometer
back the future


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