Sea Monkeys! What are they?

Ahh yes, Sea Monkeys. We all did the at one point of time in our life and it worked or it didn’t. The real question is what are Sea Monkeys?
Well Hate to break it to you Sea Monkeys are not time travelers from another dimension they actuly are BRINE SHRIP (or also known as fish food).
hqdefault.jpg Harold von Braunhut the creator got the idea when he was at a fish store and found a bucket of BRINE SHRIMP on the counter. Harold was fascinated by these weird tiny creatures. After studying them for a wile Harold found out that BRINE SHRIMP has been around for ever because their eggs to stay un-hateched for more than 50 years without dying.
For the success of the X ray goggles he decide to kick this off a new product of combining toys with pets, the 2 things all kids want.
FUN FACT: When you pour the first packet called the “Water Purifier” you are actually  being lied to. The shiny dots in packet one is actually the “Sea Monkeys”. The instructions say to wait a day before pouring in the next packet. The truth is Harold said this so the BRINE SHRIMP could get bigger. The second packet that is called “The Sea Monkey eggs” is actually black dye so you can see the Sea Monkeys better.

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