Back to the future script comparisons

Here is my Back to the future script comparison blog post. There are A LOT of differences  from the script.

Page 1:
Page one this scene does not exist at all in the start of the film. The does blend in with the rest of the film. The beginning is totally different as mentioned in the script. It also seems that the director helped extend the movie because of this change. It also seem as if one of the main charters names has totally changed from Suzy to Jennifer.

Page 29:
A summary of the script: Delorean crashes into barn in 1955 at night. In Old man Peabody’s home. Peabody and his family go outside to see what the ruckus is going on in the barn. The family question each other what they think it is, the little boy (Sherman) tells the rest of the family it is a fly saucer. Then the family goes crazy.
Mostly everything goes as planed. One line is missing but did help with giving the audience a better idea of what this kids is talking about and how he knows what he is talking about. They also go rid of the wife fainting and falling to the ground. Dialogue from Marty and Mr. Peabody is missing here and there.

Page 60:
A Summary of the script: Doc Brown opens the door with 2 fine looking girls on each side  and asks what Marty needs. Marty tells Doc he is from the future from a time machine he built. Doc ignores that and thinks he is trying to sell him something. Marty show Doc several artifacts from the 80s like his drivers license and a picture of him and his family
90% of the thing in the script and the movie is totally different. If this scene was included it would make the audience think different of Doc. Most of the dialogue is totally different but they do review some of the point said.

Page 76:
A Summary of the script: Doc and Marty look for Marty’s dad at the Hill Valley high school. They find him getting picked on by other kids with a “Kick me” sign. Kids passing by kick him in the ass. Stricken (the school priceable) steps in and lectures him about being a slacker. Doc and Marty discuss off to the side if he was adopted or not. Lorraine and other girls giggle close by.
The part where Doc and Marty talk about his dad and as his dad is getting kicked in the ass is all 100% like the script. The part where Loraine and other girls giggle a him is not there at all.

Page 235:
A Summary of the script: Doc, marty and Suzy get into the car. Doc backs up and say “Here we go.” Marty says that there isn’t enough road to get to 88 mph. Doc tells him that he does not need roads. Doc flips a swich on the dash board. And they blastt off into the sky and disappear leaving 2 streaks of fire.
In the movie most of the thing in the script is mentioned. The part where Doc says “Here we go” is not mentioned. And the part where Doc flips the switch on the dash board is missing. Everything is the same.

link to the script:


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